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 Short Arm Machine Quilting

My New Instruction Book!

 $18.00  Click for preview


 Easy Kut Trimmers

"These are my favorite snips!"

 $15.00  Click for larger image
 Retractable Reel

"Stop setting your snips on your quilt and rolling them up!"

 $6.00  Click for larger image
 Miracle Doodler!

"A toy for free-motion quilters!" 8 1/2 x 11

 $9.00  Click for larger image
 Chalk Cartridge Set

"Love thi set, stays sharp, brushes off my quilts and comes in many colors."

 $20.00  Click for larger image


 Custom Made Leader Cloth  Contact Wenda

for more info


I create the exact length you need for your personal needs!

 Leader Cloth  $8.00 per yard  Great quality sturdy fabric
 Zippers for Leaders

Quickly & evenly load your quilt onto your frame.

 Machine set $54.99 - Basic set of 3 zippers  Quilt set $24.99 - 3 "half" zippers for additional projects.
 Grip Lite Side Clamps:

These clamps don't get in the way while you are quilting!

 $27.00 Set of Two; may come in Red or Black, cannot specify  Click for larger image
 Fray Check

Secure your threads as you quilt with Fray Check

 Fray Check: $3.00  Click for larger image


All the rulers here are the perfect size for quilting on a home quilting frame with a short arm machine! They are thicker and stronger than rotary cutting rulers.

 Teflon Roller Glide Foot by Swiftquilter  $10.00  Click for larger image
 Stitch in the Ditch Ruler

I use this everytime I need perfectly straight lines!

 $25.50  Click for larger image
 The Itty Bitty:

Palm sized for small units, half square triangles, etc.

 $17.00  Click for larger image
 The Wavy Ruler:

Nice way to create vines for feather work or leaves.

 $27.50  Click for larger image
 The Key:

Another nice smal ruler!

 $18.50  Click for larger image
 The Line Tamer: The best ruler I have found for Stitch in the Ditch work!  $21.95  Click for larger image

Books & Patterns

 Short Arm Machine Quilting

My New Instruction Book!

 $18.00  Click for preview>
 Pajama Quilter BOok & DVD

by Dawn Ramirez

 Book: $20.00

DVD: $28

 Click for larger image
 The Pocket Guide to Free Handing

by Darlene Epps

 $54.99 Three Book Set  Click for larger image